it's time

Are you holding your breath right now?

Let’s relieve the pain and get you breathing deeply and openly again. Let’s bring you back to a world where life is manageable.

Hi! I'm Nikki!


I work with people who are looking for more. More peace, more calm, more pain-free days. More balance, so you can get out there and truly live, with the most joy possible. 

Using hands and heart, I help relax tired, overstressed, painful muscles that are pulling bones out of alignment and bring them back to a more natural, healthy and flexible state.

Stress of all kinds, injuries (long or short-term), too much time sitting, driving, or phone use—all of these can be factors in not only muscular imbalance, but emotional imbalance, too.

I utilize a variety of techniques tailored to your body’s needs, including elements of:

• Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage
• Deep Tissue Techniques
• Neuromuscular Trigger Point
• Swedish Massage
• Biomechanical Restructuring
• Aromatherapy
• Joint Mobility Stretch

It’s time to exhale. Let me show you what reclaiming your body and your sanity feels like.